Antonia Villa


Mathematical theorems intertwine with the visual world effortlessly on an endless basis, however merging and relating the two through art is a much more challenging effort. Too often, the dividing barrier between mathematics and society is enforced by intimidation, a perceived over-complexity, and a reliance on numerical units. My work creates a bridge between the visual world and quantitative world through the use of fractals.

Fractals are the product of infinitely repeating stable geometric patterns, which are generated by an iterative process creating infinitely self-similar forms. I present a new way of viewing the forms through the use of decalcomania: the process of transferring a design from one surface to another. My work originates with minute and meticulous pools of acrylic paint, which are pushed and pulled across surfaces during a highly interactive process. With varying amounts of pressure and speed, the surfaces separate. Paint adheres to the top and bottom, forming densely packed ridges and veins, which coalesce into dendritic fractal forms. The textures, growth patterns, and contours generated during the initial separation of the surfaces make each print unique and not reproducible. The originals are subsequently scanned at several thousand pixels-per-inch and explode out of large format printers and plotters at an exponentially large scale.

The scale of the work is irrevocably important in creating an experience for the audience. The prints are a bank of patterns, one self-similar shape on top of another and another. Viewers search for meaning and recognizable forms in the ridges. The pieces embody two personalities. The intricacies of the ridges and veins pull the audience in close as they search for meaning in the finer details; while the desire to objectify the form as a whole pushes them further away to search for familiarity in the reality that I’ve carefully created to take in the whole shape at once. The images portray a physical representation of abstract mathematical concepts. Through my work, I hope to heighten my audience's awareness of the unsuspecting mathematical origins deeply rooted in all aspects of our physical environment.

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